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Nike sale for women and men 2018

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Nike sale for women and men 2018

Postby justi231 » 2018-02-27, 01:52:45 am

In prison most people fit into two cheap nike air max 90 womenscategories, good or no-good. There are old-timers, like White Shoes, who go around and talk of nothing else, but who is good and who isn't. They have spent so many years inside they are consumed by it. Any slight infraction like reneging on a bet or bullshitting too much can get you the no-good label. But if you carry yourself right, handle your business, keep your mouth shut, and are true to your word then you will be considered a stand-up convict. If you have been exposed or exploited without getting your respect, hang around the man too much, or go in and out of the hole all the time without showing any paperwork, you will be considered shady and fit into the no-good category. Prisoners might call you a crackhead, a whaler, a punk, or the worst, a rat. If you pick up one of these labels you are fucked, because reputations stick with you and count as much as respect. Being labeled a rat will hinder you for the rest of your time inside. Prisoners who are on time might be called a tough guy, a stand-up con, a solid dude, or a crazy motherfucker. Real convicts are known to "keep it real. " A solid reputation will help you to be perceived as a no-nonsense guy who doesn't fuck around. Clowning is okay, but constant goofing is frowned upon by guys doing life. Jailing the right way earns you respect and a good reputation will make predators think twice about trying you.

The biggest way to get respect is to "make nike air max 90your bones" by taking out a no-good motherfucker. Rats, snitches, and chumps are all fair game. But if you show up the man you get big props. This young dude, Scott, from Kentucky handled his business one day at count. The hacks were hassling him to stand-up for count and he tripped on them, cursing and spitting like a lunatic. The cops hit the deuce and bum rushed him. Tackling him as he fought like a wildcat. He ended up in the bucket four-pointed to the bed for six days. When he finally came out after 90 days hole-time he got big respect because he went hard and defied the man. Another time this crazy ex-marine dude, Trevor, really freaked. He was in the yard getting plastered on hooch. Then on the move he said, "I'm going back and kicking the shit out of the cop in my unit. " We were all like "Yeah, right dude, go for it. " We thought he was kidding but this motherfucker was dead serious. Later when they locked the prison down we found out Trevor with his drunk, dumb-ass had gone back to his unit, waited for the cop to settle in his office and went in and beat the fuck out of him. I never saw Trevor again, but I'm sure he is serving an extra five years for assault, because the feds don't fuck around when you attack their guards.

A lot of crazy shit happens in here Nike air max 2017 blackbut if you use your head and aren't a shifty dude you will be okay. Basically, in prison it's all about respecting the next man and getting that respect back. We are herded in here like cattle with no privacy, and no rights. We are subjected to strip searches, accountable to the man at every moment, shook down, and humiliated by the powers that be. The little dignity we have left is guarded fiercely and protected violently. If you stay true to yourself, treat people with respect, and carry your weight you will be alright. If you're a fake-ass, phoney motherfucker you're gonna get exposed or worse, by far, violated. You have to remember, ain't no motherfucker in here gonna help you. If you get in a beef you better fight your way out of it. And always be polite to other prisoners, because you never know how that other dude is feeling or what is going on with their life. Maybe they just lost their appeal and have twenty years to serve. Or they just found out their girlfriend is sucking mad cocks. Or their moms just died and they are looking for an excuse to flip out. If you are not careful you could end up being that excuse. And being on the receiving end of another man's wrath can be vicious, even deadly.

And the cops don't care one Nike air max 1 womens cheapway or another. Most of them are just punching the clock. They really don't give a fuck if you make it through the day or not. They're not getting involved to break up any fight. This ain't kindergarten so if you step up you better be prepared to "take it to the wall". When you're down and bleeding the hacks might step in, cuff you, and take you to the hole. But other than that, the pigs are staying out of the way. In prison you gotta handle your business and keep it real. That means that you can't hide out in your cell for your whole bit, or try to sleep away your time. You have to face the killers, thieves, cutthroats, bullies, reprobates, hoodlums, crackheads, gangsta's, chicano's, gangbangers, junkies, and hustlers everyday. You have to meet them on their turf and represent. You have to put yourself out there as a man who will be respected and who will die going hard. If you're not prepared to do this then you better check into PC and be the punk that you are.
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