3 of 4 abortion bills pass

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3 of 4 abortion bills pass

Postby Neel » 2017-10-23, 04:32:00 am


First to be considered on the floor was Senate Bill 2305, which would limit abortions and requires any jerseys from China free shipping wholesale mlb jerseys physician performing an abortion to be licensed in the state. It also requires physicians to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

Rep. Vernon Laning, R Bismarck, urged his colleagues to pass SB2305.

Rep. Kylie Oversen, D Grand Forks, took exception to the argument that additional protections were needed. She said the mortality Cheap NFL Jerseys From China rate for childbirth was several times higher than that of abortions. childhood mortality rate for childbirth from 1998 to 2005 was 8.8 per 100,000 live births. This was compared to 0.6 abortions per 100,000 live births.

"We are dealing with an unnecessary bill," Oversen said.

SB2305 passed minutes later by a 58 34 vote.


The second bill to pass, SB2368, would ban abortions after 20 weeks after fertilization except to prevent the death of the mother or prevent serious medical complications. Physicians who perform an abortion after 20 weeks could face a Class C felony and fines.

An amendment passed Thursday cheap nfl jerseys would bar K 12 schools and colleges from contracting with or providing financial support to entities that perform, refer or counsel in favor of abortions.

Rep. Gail Mooney, D Cummings, was the first of several Democrats to question bill carrier Rep. Peter Silbernagel, R Casselton, on the bill.

"Are there exceptions for cases of rape and incest . anywhere in this language?" Mooney said.

Silbernagel replied that there weren't.


Rep. Joshua Boschee, Cheap Jerseys D Fargo, questioned Thursday's amendment. He noted a Feb. 14 North Dakota at torney general's opinion that reversed the freezing of a $1.2 million federal sex education grant for North Dakota State University.

"Can you explain how this bill is enforceable now under federal law?" Boschee said.

Silbernagel said the bill isn't retroactive to that specific instance.

"This bill is forward thinking," Silbernagel said.

Rep. Bette Grande, R Fargo, said there was no issue with SB2368, or with the amendment which she had proposed.

"The attorney general didn't decide or rule anything unconstitutional," Grande said.

She said the attorney general's opinion left the issue of constitutionality open.

The final sentence of the Feb. 14 opinion reads:

"This opinion is issued pursuant to North Dakota Century Code. . It governs the actions of public officials until such time as the question presented is decided by the courts."

Moments later, SB2368 passed by a vote of 60 32.

Looysen answered that the resolution doesn't define the moment life begins. He said the Legislature could put that specifically into state law in the future if it chose to do so.

Rep. Chuck Damschen, R Hampden, spoke in favor of SCR4009. He said the resolution would enhance North Dakota's already strong pro life culture.

"We already protect it (life) at almost every stage, except from conception to birth," Damschen said.

Damschen said the state must take the life of the unborn child into consideration along with the mother.

"I'm all for women's rights," Damschen said. However, he said, the child must be protected as well.

Rep. Jim Kasper, R Fargo, supported SCR4009. He made a rebuttal to Rep. Eliot Glassheim, D Grand Forks, who had listed alternative views on abortion from several Christian denominations, sects of Judaism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

Kasper replied by referencing "thou shall not kill" from the biblical Ten Commandments as well as the words "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you" from the book of Jeremiah.
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